Cover of a zine titled What is it? 25 images described by a human and a bot

What Is It

“What Is it?” features 25 images described by both a human and a picture-describing bot. Human descriptions are featured on the recto, while the image and bot-generated description are featured on the verso. It closes with an essay exploring objectivity, meaning, and the value of human judgment in an artificially intelligent world. Published for the 2017 Portland Zine Symposium, it is available at Issues in Oakland, The Grand Newsstand and Needles and Pens in San Francisco.


8.5” x 5.5”
56 full-color pages

Interior spread featuring the following text: This could be a Rorschach test. Among friends surveyed, a popular interpretation is a white mushroom (or other organic glob) resting on earth, likely outdoors. Behind the amorphous thing is a panel of compressed wood.
Interior spread of a picture with the caption: A piece of cake covered in chocolate sitting on a rock

Interior spread featuring the following text: A silver compact car and a black motorcycle are parked outside a beige building. The building sits at the intersection of North and Alachua, placing it Gainesville, Florida metropolitan area. (The root of the county’s namesake, chua, is the local indigenous people’s word for sinkhole.) Next to these street signs in another sign that reads DEAD END.
Interior spread of a picture with the caption: A car parked on the side of a building

Back cover of a zine featuring many images and the text @joyceslee and