Cover of a zine titled Fictions of Friction: a workbook-style zine to reimagine contemporary technology

Fictions of Friction

“Fictions of Fiction” draws our attention to the ways we engage with technology by staging challenges to everyday interactions. Questioning the implications of “frictionless” design, the workbook-style zine invites you to participate in areas demarcated by red, dotted lines, making speculative leaps from familiar experiences to fictional reimaginings.


5.5” x 8.25”
12 color pages
Sandpaper trackpad insert


Gabrielle Elias
Xiaowei Wang

Interior spread of a section called Typed Terms of Service. Featured is a big blank box to handwrite the text of a software license agreement

Interior spread of sections called Labyrinthian Onboarding and Warnings for Routine Actions

Interior spread of sections called Account Lock and Art Captchas